Poem Solution

This is a solution to Forrest Fenn's poem that ends at the treasure location.

This is largely a guess that uses a straightforward poem interpretation.

You can read Forrest Fenn's poem here.

Nearly all rivers begin in distant headwaters, but not The Madison River. It begins mid-course as an already large river. The warm water of the Firehole halts as it mixes with the cool water of the Gibbon and forms the Madison.

Madison Junction

Drive down Madison Canyon - it's too far to walk.

Madison Canyon

Stop at the famous home of large Brown Trout: Nine Mile Hole.

Nearby sign explaining how the Madison River is a paradise for trout.

Put into the water just below the rock pictured in The Thrill of the Chase.

The Madison River at Nine Mile Hole

No boats / no paddling allowed - crossing the river is not for the meek.

Wade right below the rock pictured in The Thrill of the Chase.

Known for holding brown trout of record-breaking weight (heavy loads), 

the deep pools shelter the fish, the water high above them.

Now, look for the blaze.

Perhaps a marking carved on a tree. From Jack's account, the blaze was damaged. Perhaps the particular tree happened to fall, or another tree fell on top, or otherwise.

Illustration of what the treasure site at Nine Mile Hole may have looked like when Forrest deposited the chest.

Having found the blaze, look down, sweep the dirt off the chest, and celebrate the find.

Learn more about how the location was confirmed here.

Nine Mile Hole